Ray Gibbs is the perfect voice teacher for any serious voice student as well as for the beginning student, who just wants the ability to get up in front of others. In addition to years of experience in the professional singing business, he has been a life long student of the voice, which makes his pedagogical skills both experienced and current. His countless performances, both as an actor and as a director, make him an authority in every aspect of the performance. He is voice teacher, vocal coach, and performance coordinator all rolled into one and a specialist in each. Mr. Gibbs was my favorite voice teacher. His knowledge of singing and performing seemed limitless! He always had just the right thing to say or exercise to give me to fix whatever problem I was having with my singing. I felt that he had me prepared for any singing occasion I needed to be ready for.

Ray Gibbs is an amazing teacher, artist and person. His approach to the voice will be helpful to any student no matter what genre of music they wish to sing. He promotes healthy singing that uses the whole body to produce a sound that is free of tension. His love for music is passionate and infectious. Mr. Gibbs’ professional resume on the opera stage plus his experience as a college professor make him a perfect teacher for all levels of vocal experience. Both the beginning student and the seasoned professional would benefit from Mr. Gibbs’ coaching. His teaching style is tailored to each student and their individual needs. Mr. Gibbs has a wealth of knowledge and experience as an artist, teacher and stage director. This experience enables him to help anyone in preparing for an audition, performance, or just the joy of singing. I grew so much as an artist under his direction. My technical skills as well as my communication and acting skills were greatly improved after studying with Mr. Gibbs. He is a master of his craft and it was my privilege to study with him for over five years.

"My five years studying under Ray Gibbs afforded me the opportunity to develop a singing technique that allowed me to adapt to the many challenges of performing in a variety of musical venues. Having performed professionally for the past ten years, I know that the my time studying with Mr. Gibbs gave me an edge over those who did not have classical vocal production training. Many singers can teach, but few can teach the vocal production technique and how to effective communicate the song to the listener."

It is hard to put the knowledge, talents, teaching ability, and character of Mr. Gibbs into words. Mr. Gibbs is the best teacher that any serious student of the voice could ever ask for. Although he has years of experience and an incredibly deep understanding of the voice, he has a way of explaining the concepts at the student’s level, whatever that level might be. When I was a beginning student of the voice, he was able to explain things in a way that I could understand. Years later as a more advanced student and a voice teacher, every lesson continued to be a wonderful challenge vocally. I was also able to take with me, from every lesson, something new that would make me a better singer and a better teacher. He allows you to accomplish one level, and then takes you to a new dimension of singing. You can never stop learning with Mr. Gibbs. Not only does Mr. Gibbs have a deep knowledge and understanding of the voice, he also has a passion for music that he loves sharing with others. He cares about his students, for them as a person, their vocal well being and health, and for their appreciation and understanding of good music. Studying with Mr. Gibbs to me is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that only a few will get to experience. If you get the chance, take it!

Ray Gibbs has been my voice teacher for the last 6 years. During this time he has given me the tools necessary to develop my vocal and performance skills to the maximum. He is a caring and insightful instructor and inspires his students to excel at all times. He has sacrificed of his time and energy in order to help me fulfill my potential. Mr. Gibbs' deep knowledge of the voice, vocal health, and repertoire make him invaluable as a voice teacher.

Ray Gibbs is an artist, in the truest sense of the word. I began Vocal Studies with him in the Spring of 1995, and had the privilege to study with him for 5 years. Until that time I had a limited knowledge of the voice, and of the basic fundamentals of correct singing. I literally was a "lump of clay" with a good musical ear, and he eagerly began to teach me what it means to sing freely. His approach and technique has enabled me to sing freely, without tension, and has given me an advantage over other Entertainers who did not have the benefit of learning proper, classical style vocal training. He possesses not only the ability to explain proper technique in a manner that anyone can understand, but also the gift of what it means to communicate through song. My time with him as a student has proven to be priceless, and has paved the road for me as a professional singer. Ray has given me the practical knowledge, insight, and passion to become a confident performer as well as a confident teacher. I pass along the technique and knowledge that I gleaned from him to my own voice students...each and every day. If you're looking for a voice teacher, and desire excellence, then look no further. He takes the "singer' and transforms them into an "artist".

Mr. Gibbs will always be my favorite teacher. From the first lesson to the last, he opened new worlds to me both as a singer and as a musician. When I started with Mr. Gibbs, I was a beginner, overwhelmed by the new terminology and very unsure in technique. Mr. Gibbs taught me how to control my breath, how to release hidden tensions, and how to sing in Italian, French, German, Latin, and Spanish. He taught me how the voice works physically and how that affects my singing and speaking. With every lesson, I learned not only how to sing myself, but also how to teach my students. In my time studying with Mr. Gibbs, I was never able to find a question to which he did not have a knowledgeable answer. He has sung with many of the legends in opera, and yet he still has a fresh outlook on each piece and is willing to try new interpretations. He is passionate about great singing and great music, and most of all, he cares deeply about each of his students and their success as singers. After five years of study with Mr. Gibbs, I progressed from a beginner to an artist worthy of acceptance at the Peabody Institute. Mr. Gibbs gets the credit for who I am as an artist and where I’m at today. He will always remain my favorite teacher and my greatest inspiration.

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