After forty-plus years in the singing profession, I have learned that some principles of singing (and teaching singing) are necessary for continued success in the use of one's voice.

I teach in the traditional classical manner (sometimes called "belcanto") which, I believe, is the best approach for any singer. A young singer needs to understand his instrument from the viewpoint of what is an efficient and a healthy way to produce a singing sound. The results of a classical (healthy) approach should be:

  1. greater range & greater flexibility (the ability to move one's voice through fast musical passages easily and accurately),
  2. greater beauty,
  3. greater ease (you find yourself working less hard for the same result),
  4. greater dynamics (singing louder and softer),
  5. more musicality,
  6. and greater longevity (keep your voice for many more years).

There are some popular singing styles that are inherently unhealty for any voice (particularly the female voice), but a classical background can increase the useful life of singers who sing predominantly in those styles. When a singer learns proper breath management and phonation, he will be more successful in any singing endeaver.

Learning to sing takes time, effort, and dedication. I am looking for the kind of student who is interested in studying classically and is serious about learning to sing the correct and healthy way. I am also looking for students who are willing to put forth the time necessary to practice and develop the voice. Much of the student’s learning takes place in the practice session. The teacher is a guide and will present new concepts and techniques in the lesson, but the student must be willing to take these concepts into the practice session and experiment with them, work out problems areas, and work diligently to better his voice each week in order to grow. I prefer teaching ages 16 and up, but in rare cases I would consider younger students.

If you are looking for a teacher who is dedicated to his students and who will give all he has to making sure that each of his students reach their fullest potential, you have come to the right place. Students and teachers must understand each other and each other’s goals. I believe that classical training is the best and most healthy way to sing and that is the only style of teaching that I offer in my studio. Please feel free to browse my website and read further about my philosophy, my experience with singing and teaching, and the reason I teach the way that I teach. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail.

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