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Have you always wanted to sing?
Maybe you have been singing since you were a small child and music is something that you are passionate about.  Have you always wished that you could sing better?   Have you always wanted someone to just teach you how to do it right?  Maybe vocal training is something that you have always meant to do and just never got around to doing it.  If you live near Pensacola, Florida and if you are interested in learning to sing for the first time or you have had previous training and are looking for something more, consider classical vocal training with me!
What kind of student am I looking for?
Learning to sing takes time, effort, and dedication.  I am looking for the kind of student who is interested in studying classically and is serious about learning to sing the correct and healthy way. Learn More on my Philosophy page.
What kind of teacher am I?
If you are looking for a teacher who is dedicated to his students and who will give all he has to making sure that each of his students reach their fullest potential, you have come to the right place.  Students and teachers must understand each other and each other’s goals.  I believe that classical training is the best and most healthy way to sing and that is the only style of teaching that I offer in my studio.  Please feel free to browse my website and read further about my philosophy, my experience with singing and teaching, and the reason I teach the way that I teach.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail.
Why Choose Ray Gibbs?
  • A classical approach to voice training based on the latest findings of vocal science and traditional training techniques.
  • Experience includes 18 years as a professional opera singer in North America and Europe including 11 years as a soloist at the Metopolitan Opera in New York.
  • 30 years of teaching experience.
  • Advanced training in language pronunciation, classical musical style, and communication techniques.
  • Extensive experience as an actor, acting teacher, and director, particularly in the lyric arts.
  • Most long careers in any singing style begin with a foundation in classical technique.
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